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One of life’s most stressful events is separation from a spouse or partner.  When a separating couple have children, the emotional trauma is often intensified – as is the conflict.

Most of us are not experts at breaking up, and knowing what to do does not come naturally.

Some will find a lawyer, others will speak to a counsellor or family friend, whilst still others may turn to the family GP for advice and direction.

Brisbane Mediations can help in the early stages, or further down the track.  Be assured we will not inflame the conflict.

We have the expertise and experience to understand your worries about the children and about how to move on financially.

We empathise with you about the pain of separation – the fear, the uncertainty, the feelings of rejection or guilt and the worry that the children will be negatively impacted.

Although some conflict over parenting and property issues after the breakdown of a relationship is to be expected, it is not inevitable for disputes to be resolved in a Court of Law.  We are here to help.


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Since 2006, it has been mandatory – except in certain exceptional circumstances – for parents disputing parenting issues post-separation to attempt to resolve their issues with the help of a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) before they can apply for Court Orders. 

Should mediation with an FDRP not resolve all matters, then the FDRP may issue a Section 60I Certificate under the Family Law Act, to enable one or the other or both parties to bring proceedings in the Family Court of Australia or the Federal Circuit Court.   Our mediator panel includes many registered FDRPs. 

Our Family division offers some of Australia’s most experienced dispute resolution specialists, with backgrounds in law, commerce and social science, academia and private practice.

In keeping with the mandatory nature of dispute resolution in children’s cases, all of our family mediators are Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP’s) who meet the national Australian mediation standards.  Many are also qualified child consultants and able to assist in child inclusive mediations.

Remember: modern relationships are under enormous pressure and sometimes break down despite the best efforts of those involved.

If you are separated, Brisbane Mediations can assist you to resolve your parenting and / or property dispute fairly and move forward with dignity.



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