Property issues in Family Law can now be resolved quickly by leading family lawyers acting as Arbitrators, following changes to the Family Court Rules in April 2016.

The Family Court supports the use of Arbitration to resolve property matters in a timely and cost effective way.

Arbitration is an adjudication process similar to a judicial process, in which parties to a dispute present arguments and evidence to an Arbitrator, who makes a determination which resolves the dispute.

Parties can choose their own Arbitrator and cases can be scheduled at a time and place to suit them.  A hearing can be convened quickly and a decision handed down soon after the hearing.

The process can be adapted to meet the needs of the case.

The award, when made, can be registered with the Court and takes effect as if it were a Court Order.

Brisbane Mediations supports Arbitration as a further way of unclogging the courts and saving parties the cost, stress and delay of court proceedings.

Arbitration is particularly attractive as a quicker and less expensive option for dividing modest property pools and for other straightforward cases.

Brisbane Mediations has qualified Arbitrators on our Panel (Claudine Kasselis and Chris Turnbull) and can also engage other qualified and experienced Arbitrators at the request of parties.

Parties should direct enquiries regarding Arbitration to one of our Managers, who will be happy to assist. Fees for this service are by negotiation.

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