Thursday Thoughts : Missed Opportunities

Opportunities are everywhere, so don't waste time regretting the ones you've missed. Instead, use them as a tool in your own personal development, by working out why you missed them in the first place. And you'll be better equipped when the next opportunity comes your way.....


Why aren’t you going for that great promotion at work everyone is saying is just right for you? Is it fear of failure?  Or fear of putting yourself in the spotlight? It might even be fear of success.  Overcoming fear isn’t easy, but identifying that fear is the root cause takes you one step further forward. Ask yourself “What’s the worst that could happen?”


So maybe it’s not fear that’s holding you back. Sometimes things can be “scary in a good way” right? So the idea of that promotion is scary but exciting at the same time, yet there’s STILL something holding you back. Write two lists, one called “Why I should apply for this promotion” and the other “Why I should not apply for this promotion”. Now walk away. After an hour has passed, pick up your lists again. Focus on the reasons you have written for not going for it. Are they valid, logical reasons, or excuses? Delete anything that sounds like an excuse from your list. How are those lists shaping up now?


Are you where you want to be? If you’re reading this article, probably not. The final element in all of this is focus. Remember when you first started in this job, and your boss spoke to you about prospects for the right people? There was a time when you believed you were the “right people”. Focus on your end game, and the path you need to follow to get you there.

By ditching fear, taking a risk, and focusing on what you really want, you can seize any opportunity life throws in your direction.

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