Elder & Disabled Care

If you have relatives who are elderly and frail, have dementia or are otherwise disabled, you and the others charged with their care, may find it hard to make decisions amicably. Such decision making is usually fraught with complex emotions.

Your issues could include such dilemmas as:

  • Should Mum or Dad still be driving? 
  • Is our relative receiving appropriate medical care?
  • Should we be arranging in-home support?
  • What about meals?
  • What about in-home nursing?
  • Do we need an ACAT assessment?
  • Does someone hold a Power of Attorney and if not who should it be?
  • Who should be managing our relative’s financial affairs?
  • Is it time to consider hostel or nursing home care?
  • If so, which family member should live closest?
  • What should we do with superfluous belongings?
  • How will the care be funded?
  • And the list goes on and on…

Brisbane Mediations Mediators understand how hard it is when parent-child roles are necessarily reversed.  We also know that family members have varying views on what is best for elderly and other disabled relatives.  Our legally trained mediators understand the law, but we are also well versed in the psychological issues and the complexity of finding resolutions which sit comfortably with all interested parties.

Families in crisis over relative care issues are free to choose a single mediator or request a co-mediation so they have the combination of legal and social science / psychological expertise to help them make the best decisions for their loved ones. 

In conflict over elder care issues? 

Let Brisbane Mediations guide you and help resolve the issues in a way that all parties can live with.  To select the mediator/s best equipped to facilitate resolution of your elder care issues click here. For further information, call us on 07 3839 7400. 

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