Bullying impacts detrimentally on business and organisations, affecting morale and productivity.

Bullying is harmful and can occur in organisations of all kinds – including educational institutions – as well as the neighbourhood generally and, all too often, social media.

Outcomes, if not resolved quickly, can be very serious and repercussions can include:

  • Underachievement
  • Resignation
  • Lowered self confidence
  • Decreased productivity
  • Mental health issues
  • Social alienation, and
  • In the worst cases, suicide.

Managers and supervisers, parents, teachers and the general community need to be alert to bullying and have appropriate processes to handle it should it occur on their watch.

Brisbane Mediations can help alleged bullies and victims move on from such dysfunctional interaction.

Concerned about Bullying? 

Let Brisbane Mediations guide you and help resolve the issues in a way that everyone can live with. Click here to select the mediator/s best equipped to facilitate resolution of your workplace issues. For further information, call us on (07) 3839 7400.


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