Conflict in Educational Facilities

Our school days are most important. Fulfilled teachers with high morale are best able to help students navigate these critical years.

Within school and other educational communities, there is great potential for interpersonal conflict between:

  • Management and staff
  • Students and teachers
  • Parents and school personnel
  • Students and other students
  • Teachers and other teachers

From experience we know that timely and professional mediation helps minimize the “fallout” from such disputes.

Brisbane Mediations has specialist expertise in dealing with all school and tertiary institution disputes.  We have mediators especially experienced in this area.

Concerned about conflict or potential conflict within your educational organisation? 

Let Brisbane Mediations guide you and help resolve the issues in a way that everyone can live with. Click here to select the mediator/s best equipped to facilitate resolution of your issues. For further information, call us on (07) 3839 7400.

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