Issues over Wills and Estates

Have you recently lost someone you hold dear? Do you find yourself in the dreadful predicament of being in conflict with other beneficiaries or those who believe they should be beneficiaries? Are previously treasured relationships at risk of falling apart?

Bereavement can present any of us with a range of challenges – emotional, legal, financial and administrative – often when we least expect it. At the very time when we need the support of our family members we can find ourselves facing the nightmare of disagreements with them over how to wind up a mutual loved one’s affairs.

We genuinely recommend Mediation or a Facilitated Discussion to assist when emotions are running high and tempers are at risk of flaring after the loss of a loved one. You will save money by avoiding costly litigation. Furthermore, our Mediators will help you navigate stormy waters as they are sensitive to and protective of relationships at risk of long term or even permanent damage.

Brisbane Mediations has Mediators with sound knowledge of the law surrounding wills and estates as well as training in alternative dispute resolution.  This ensures that all parties in conflict are treated with the respect they deserve.

We know human relationships are complex – especially at times of great distress.

We understand family relationships and aim to assist our clients to generate solutions which address everyone’s needs whilst also giving due respect to the wishes of the lost loved one.  In more complex situations, it is at times advisable for your issues to be mediated by both a legally trained mediator and a social scientist/psychologist mediator. Such a co-mediation model addresses both the legal and the psychological and social aspects of your estate problems.

In conflict over a will or an estate? 

Let Brisbane Mediations guide you and help resolve the issues in a way that all parties can live with.  Select the mediator/s best equipped to facilitate resolution of your will or estate issues here.   For further information, call us on (07) 3839 7400.



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