Preferred Mediation

Preferred Mediation is our most popular mediation model. Cost : $2,500 plus GST (one mediator) or $3,500 plus GST (two mediators) per party for a full day mediation, including up to two hours' pre-reading, two intake sessions and room hire; and $500 plus GST (one mediator) or $700 plus GST (two mediators) for each party's intake session if conducted before the mediation.

The main features of a Brisbane Mediations Preferred Mediation are:-

  • More affordable than court;
  • Any essential reading of material by your mediator prior to mediation is charged at the above hourly rate
  • You select your own mediator from our panel of mediators;
  • Hour long intake sessions take place for each party with their mediator – where possible on a day before the day of mediation;
  • We require parties to pay for four hours of mediation prior to the mediation taking place;
  • If parties are making progress they can extend the time on the day and for this reason we strongly suggest that parties leave the whole day free;
  • In workplace mediations it is common for the employer to fund the mediation;
  • In family and relationship mediations each party usually contributes equally to the cost, although one party can opt to be responsible for a larger share or the full amount of the fees;
  • To secure a mediator’s time in our diary, we require a non-refundable booking fee of $300 per person, which is deducted from the final balance payable prior to mediation;
  • Payment of the balance in full is required at least two full business days prior to provision of each intake or mediation service, unless arrangements are made urgently, in which case full fees are payable on booking;
  • Room hire is charged at $132 per day;
  • If the time of the mediation (including preparation and reading) exceeds the prepaid four hours, then additional fees at the same rate are payable on the day of the mediation.

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