About us

Our Expert Mediators

Our aim is to help you resolve your issues effectively and inexpensively.

We offer you the insight and help that only expertise and experience can provide. 

Our mediators are proven negotiators with legal, social science  and/or psychology backgrounds.  They are all highly qualified to help resolve your issues.

  • Our mediators have specialist training and experience in resolving family and relationship disputes.
  • We are qualified to resolve parenting, property and child support issues.
  • We pride ourselves in respecting and facilitating ongoing relationships between parties long after the initial dispute is resolved.

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Our Independent Advisers

If requested, we are able to supply the services of specialist independent advisers such as:

  • A child consultant in parenting disputes
  • A financial consultant in property disputes
  • Other advisers appropriate to the dispute 

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Mediation sessions are arranged to suit you and the other party. They usually take place at our Resolution Centre, although our mediators will convene meetings outside Brisbane if this is requested by the parties.  Special conditions apply in the latter cases.

The format of mediation sessions can vary. Discussion can take place either in the same room or with each party in a separate room and the mediator moving between the two (‘shuttle mediation’).

In addition, where necessary we have the facilities to interview and mediate via telephone and/or online.

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