Child Inclusive Mediation

This special service allows sensitive and insightful parents to hear from their children about how the separation is affecting them, and make appropriate parenting decisions.

This is a particular model of mediation which:

  • Gives older school age children and adolescents a voice in situations of family conflict
  • Does not embroil the children in the mediation proper
  • Involves highly qualified and experienced independent child consultants (qualified social workers and registered psychologists) interviewing the young people and presenting their views to the mediator and parties
  • Facilitates engagement of the parties as part of a child-focused team seeking children’s best interests
  • Affords opportunities for post separation parent training
  • Potentially cuts through the “he said …. she said” dilemma by going straight to the young people involved to hear their concerns and opinions
  • Is not suitable if parents are not mature enough to hear what their children have to say, without confronting or challenging the children

In appropriate cases, the Child Inclusive Model provides a voice for children.

At Brisbane Mediations, we pride ourselves on our expertise in resolving parenting issues.  Click here select your mediator/s for a child inclusive dispute resolution process. For further information, call us on (07) 3839 7400.


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