What Are My Rights?

Your rights when consulting Brisbane Mediations are to:


  • Be treated with courtesy and respect at all times
  • Have a sensitive and empathic mediator or conflict coach who is skilled and impartial
  • Have opportunities to contact or bring along an adviser or support person
  • Be assured that your safety has a high priority
  • Be protected from verbal abuse
  • Feel that your mediator/consultant treats all parties impartially
  • Expect your mediator/consultant to strive to achieve a resolution you and the other party can live with
  • With parenting issues, know that your mediator/consultant will be child focused at all times
  • In parenting disputes, receive a s60I Certificate from your Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (RFDRP) if no resolution is reached
  • Know the mediation or other process can be terminated at the request of either party
  • Require your mediator/consultant to maintain absolute confidentiality to the extent allowed by law
  • Expect your mediator/consultant to require both parties to maintain confidentiality as to the content of discussions during mediation/other consultations
  • Have your lawyer attend with you should you wish
  • Mediate from separate rooms if necessary



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