Parenting Disputes

When separated parents are unable to agree as to the best interests of their children, the services of a professional mediator – who is also a Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) – should be considered.

At Brisbane Mediations, we are fortunate to have a number of Brisbane’s most experienced specialist family mediators who are equipped to assist parents in resolving their parenting disputes in a way which both can live with and which ultimately focuses on the needs of their child or children.

Our FDRPs understand the emotional trauma to parents of having to relinquish time with their children after separation.  They also know the potential for children to suffer if caught up in their parents’ conflict.

Pain and distress for parents and children post separation is exacerbated by costly and emotionally-draining litigation. Court proceedings can cause serious depletion of the property pool, entrenchment of bitterness and negative impact on parents’ communication about or co-parenting of the children.

Let us use our training and experience to help you come to a reasonable and child-friendly resolution of your parenting issues.

In conflict over parenting issues?  

Let Brisbane Mediations guide you and help resolve your issues in a way that both of you can live with. Click here to select your mediator/s.   For further information call us on (07) 3839 7400.

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