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Brisbane Mediations is a great choice whatever the nature of your dispute.

We are engaged by Lawyers for their clients and by everyday people from all walks of life – tradespeople, business owners, doctors and lawyers, employees and parents and teachers – to name a few.

We are consulted by spouses dealing with Separation and Divorce and sorting out Parenting or Property issues.

If you are struggling to resolve parenting issues with your former partner, Brisbane Mediations’ specialist Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and Child Consultants are precisely who you need.  

Our service is especially Child and Family friendly, providing the best chance for co-operative parenting post separation and shielding children from the destructive effects of conflict.

We offer Child Inclusive Mediation so the children’s voices can be heard in a non- threatening way, without them having to actually attend their parents’ mediation.

Follow the lead of the many individuals, businesses, organizations and other groups who have found Brisbane Mediations mediators to have great listening and conflict resolution skills. Maximise the chance of maintaining amicable relations after your dispute is resolved.

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