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At Brisbane Mediations we are keen to meet the needs of our clients in the most appropriate way possible.  Accordingly, we offer a range of mediation models as well as a number of additional conflict resolution services and training options.

Although our specialty is mediation and within that specialty our most popular service is our Preferred Mediation, our clients benefit from the additional skills and training of our large panel of mediators. Click here to see the range of other services apart from mediation, offered by Brisbane Mediations.

Choose the service that suits you best

We understand that Mediation is not a ‘one size fits all’ situation.

Some of our clients request shuttle mediations (separate rooms for the entirety of the mediation), some like to attend virtually and some by telephone.  Others prefer more specialized mediation services.  While others still, want their mediator to travel to them to conduct their mediation.


Preferred Mediations provide considerable choice.

Premium Mediations incorporate guest mediators who have expertise in areas not always addressed by our Mediation Panel and whose fees are arrived at by negotiation.

The Brisbane Mediations’ Team is highly skilled and experienced in a range of human service specialties.

Some of our Legally trained Mediators are also trained and accredited in Arbitration.

Most of our Psychologists and Social Scientists have qualifications and experience for providing Counselling and Family Therapy.

All of our Professional Team members are able to assist with Conflict Coaching and Facilitated Discussions about difficult issues.

If you think a member of our team can assist, just ask us how we think we can help you.


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